Continuing Choices: Can Simultaneous Elections be A Credible Solution?

Priyanka Rai In a parliamentary democracy like India, Good Governance is the prime responsibility but is this actually a possibility given the continued election mode our country is always in, is a question which needs assessment. The citizens, the political parties and the Election Commission are the key stakeholders in the process of decision-making and... Continue Reading →

Reduced to Puppets? The Enchantment of Anti-Defection

Tanmay Batham Tenth Schedule: Brief Overview Webster defines Defection as a conscious abandonment of allegiance or duty (i) while MacMillan defines it simply as an act of leaving one’s country or political party to go to another one. (ii) This understanding of the word indicates that there is a connotation of hostility attached to the... Continue Reading →

Back Up Plans at The Cost of Electorate

Vrinda Aggarwal On 7th February, 2018, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India against the Election Commission (EC) and the State, challenging the validity of S. 33(7)(a) of the Representation of People’s Act, 1951 (Act), according to which “person shall not be nominated as a candidate for election— in... Continue Reading →

NOTA in India: A Real Choice?

Paras Ahuja Introduction NOTA or “None of the Above” option is a window provided for those voters, who would prefer to not vote for any of the candidates contesting election in their constituencies, expressing their dissent and disapproval. The use of this democratic tool of protest by the Indian citizenry has been on the rise,... Continue Reading →

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