About Us

About the Society:

The Constitutional Law Society of National Law University Odisha was established in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law.

Constitutional Law Society NLUO seeks to supplement an accessible forum for intellectual discourse and shape the discussion of the most important and relevant issues pertaining to constitutional through a meticulous scholarship selection and editing process.

The Constitutional Law Society, National Law University Odisha endeavours through the course of its activities to foster awareness about the subject and its importance. The purpose behind the establishment of the Society is to generate debate and dialogue on various nuances of the subject of Constitutional Law. The Society aims to discuss aspects of the subject which cannot/are not covered in the class room due to several constraints. The activities undertaken by the committee shall be aimed at enabling the students to have a holistic understanding of constitutional principles and constitutional jurisprudence.

The Society is a student run body that seeks to work towards creating an interest in Constitutional law amongst the students of the university. The Society shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, religion, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

About the Blog:

This blog is a student-edited, peer-reviewed and a completely open access blog maintained by the Constitutional Law Society, NLUO. We aim at producing literary pieces that shall examine issues through an analytical eye and make for an interesting read.


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