Submission Guidelines

We at CLS, NLUO believe that sustained academic deliberation is required to ensure that the field of Constitutional Law grows continuously. A very important facet through which this can be realized is informed discussion and dialogue on multiple aspects of Constitutional Law. Through this blog, we seek to publish and discuss about the various nuances of Constitutional Law. Hence with the above objectives in mind, we welcome all submissions on the field of Constitutional Law subject to the following guidelines:

Content Guidelines

  • Submissions should be the original work of the author(s). Any form of plagiarism will result in an automatic rejection.
  • Submissions can be in the form of articles, legislation reviews or case comments on Constitutional Law.
  • Submissions should be precise and the maximum word limit is 1500 words (exclusive of endnotes).
  • Formatting Criteria: Font: Times New Roman; Font Size: 12; Line Spacing: 1.5 and Alignment – Justified.
  • Author(s) must use endnotes and NOT footnotes.
  • The citation format used for the endnotes must be uniform, preferably the latest edition of the OSCOLA or Bluebook.
  • An article can be co-authored by a maximum of two people.

Submission Formats

  1. Articles: Authors can submit articles on issues of contemporary constitutional relevance. The articles must aim to analyze the issue comprehensively and further we encourage originality and a creative outlook in the analysis of the issue.
  2. Case Comments: Authors can choose to analyze a judgement/judgements of constitutional relevance aiming to understand the substance of the pleadings before the Courts and the impact of the Court’s understanding of Constitutional Law.
  3. Legislation Reviews: Authors can analyze the constitutionality of a legislation or various executive actions within India. Alternatively, authors can also choose to analyze legislations outside India which have a significant impact on the understanding of constitutional law within India.

Submission Guidelines

  • Interested authors are requested to send their submissions in .doc/.docx format to
  • Authors must include their full name and the details of their institution/organization.

NOTE: All Submissions shall be reviewed on a rolling basis. CLS, NLUO follows a disciplined editorial review of the submissions received and exercises absolute discretion in accepting any submission.


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