A Life for a Life: A Discordant Anachronism in Indian Jurisprudence

Rahul Nair For the first time in the history of independent India, capital punishment was meted out to four convicts simultaneously, in a seven-year-old case[1] of gangrape and murder of a young medical student of Delhi. This has sparked several debates regarding the constitutional validity and application of death penalty in India. In this post,... Continue Reading →

Drops of Federalism

Anmol Mittal  A spate of floods in a self-declared water-stressed country has shed light on the governance of water ‘resources’ in India. The assumption of control over Water by the Union is an encouraging sign. India, already a self-declared water-stressed country, faces an immense challenge.[1] Behaviorally, there is not too much evidence to suggest that... Continue Reading →

Analyzing the Constitutionality of S 33 (7), Representation of People Act, 1951: Proposing Remedies

Deeksha Sharma Recent trends in Indian electoral politics have seen the emergence of an increasing number of candidates contesting from more than one constituency. This article highlights how the apex court of India, had already erroneously upheld the Constitutionality of this provision and also suggests some solutions for the same. This system of parliamentary elections... Continue Reading →

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