The Pillarless Financial Ordinance in Madhya Pradesh: A Constitutional Anathema

Nikunj Maheshwari and Kapil Shrivastava Background In what may be diligently called as a political coup de tat, the Kamal Nath government in the State of Madhya Pradesh was toppled in the early weeks of March, even before his government could present the financial budget for the State. As a result of this political fiasco,... Continue Reading →

The Excesses in the Application of Article 142

  Dhanishta Mittal The Supreme Court, by exercising this power to grant relief to the disputing parties on multiple occasions, established a precedent, thereby diluting and undermining the authority of the statute which is silent on the matter concerned.[1] Objection to the exercise of such plenary power is primarily because it leads to the framing... Continue Reading →

Balancing the Contours of Federalism with Terrorism

Shubhangi Agarwal and Harsh Singh The Parliament passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2019 (“UAPA”) and the National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Act, 2019 (“NIA”) amidst a lot of controversies last year in July. The amendment acts raised serious questions of human rights violation and erosion of federal character. In lieu of the same, the... Continue Reading →

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